1.5 pg paper Stryker corp

Industry Overview

1. What is the size of the industry?

2. How is the industry segmented?

3. What is the industry’s projected growth and profitability?

4. What are the factors affecting growth and profitability?

What are the trends in the number of competitors a
nd their size, product innovation, distribution, finances, regulation, and product liability

I need a 1.5 to 2 page paper on Stryker Corp answering these following questions.   Please use citations from Yahoo, Reteur, and EGR.   Citations need to be made.   Need by friday night,, Sat morning 10 am EST.   If job is done well i will have more work and pay more.

This has to be formatted as a standard paper and questions used as a guideline.   Please answer all questions in a paper formatted and use citations.


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