1000-1500 Words History Discussion

The following is an exercise in historical role play.  You are one of the following people:  an Austrian officer writing to your emperor, Ferdinand II; a Swedish soldier writing to his family in Stockholm; a Lutheran pastor writing to his congregation in Saxony; a Spanish nun writing to her bishop; or an agent (male or female) of Cardinal Richelieu of France.  Write a letter in which you describe the Battle of Breitenfeld, fought on September 7, 1631, in exhaustive detail with names, tactics, etc.  Remember that this battle marks the turning point in the Thirty Years’ War and your writer should explain why this is so.  Who you are will determine your point of view as to the significance of the Swedish victory and why it is said that “freedom of belief for the world was saved at Breitenfeld.”  Remember to stay in character, particularly be aware of your nationality as well as the rank and position of who you are addressing.  Also, In choosing the name of your character, make sure it fits the time frame in which you are writing as well as the nationality of your writer.  Sign that name at the end of your letter.  Remember also that an emperor is addressed as “Your Majesty,” and bishops and cardinals are called “Your Eminence.”


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