13 year old case study

Assignment Instructions: Review the case study analysis topic below. Then, using the Case Study Analysis Assignment Outline, write a 2-4-page paper. You are caring for a 13-year old adolescent girl admitted and diagnosed two days ago to your pediatric unit with Type 1 diabetes. Her primary care giver is her mother who is present at the bedside.Case Study Analysis Assignment Outline:1.Introduction2.Brief overview of the pathophysiology of the disease. Include:·What lab abnormalities would you look for?·What diagnostics would you expect to see? ·Give rationale.3.Implications for Self-Care·Howdoes this disease process impact the patient’s and/or their care provider’s ability to care for themselves?oConsider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs  oApplication of Orem’s Theory of Self-Care. 4.Patient Education Strategy·Consider educational strategies and a plan of care for your patient based on the implications for self-care section. Support with rationale.5.Interdisciplinary Collaboration ·What interdisciplinary team members need to be included. Include rationale.·Consider nutrition, discharge, transition, and financial implications 6.Conclusion


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