350 Words Short Discussion Writing About Climate Change

In this discussion forum – write an opening post of about 350 words that focuses on one specific event that is linked with global climate change. The topic should be specific and not attempt to discuss the large scale components of global climate change – it should be one specific aspect of this much larger issue. Include a video/or provide the link to a video of your chosen topic. I have provided an example what could be provided below. Write a short summary of the events, brief details of your chosen study, the effect on human or animal life, and what this event means for the future, or anything else that seems appropriate or applicable to the class and the report. You must also include any references you used (website, magazine, URL). It is considered plagiarism to use any material that is not your own without citing where that material came from. This includes websites, blogs, online comments, even material form the textbook. It is OK to use outside material but you must cite when you do! The word count refers to material you wrote only, it does not include quotes from other authors or citations.

video link:https://iad.cdn.nv.instructuremedia.com/originals/o-4z9TBCyfxdbPom7nDPswixPNHv9dihiD/transcodings/t-4Cpz9yapWuZFpvtnxDbwcETYU1LBe5vR.mp4?&Expires=1580091032&Signature=ixXSi~uOZ0CEmUsTDoGuesZoiiyjtXWeD7LYQGznvOrpVVlno3Rj~MAvED6qnKZifsUny5Xp6P8zLI6aU9HspmWJ64NC7xMRO5o9FJu74Ag~tr2i7YEjB0I-MO8gyBFKOxgtw46vTE~G4Ka~NIIp1LG-NJGyGn9Y-fPu2HvmJDGhoOKb07OXrsamtB7dcPWd5pyHXrt1RzB8ht3P82k8LGEpsJl3UiUFFYA-J7QT46WtY72pCO5nw2HNnTeipcUdCOKspMSQCX8ybwHvphlEbMNxgugHCsYBquI2DfiIbCmjrJbqUGTaHXX0vl8B7UZKcwsUCUyVFU~ke~SdoaM9zQ__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLP4NHW7VFATZNDQ


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