704 WK 12 DB

By this point in the program, students should be able to clearly differentiate between QI/EBP and original research. In this week\’s block, there are several articles that describe a QI/EBP article. Please review them and familiarize yourself with the format of the articles and note any differences between these and the research articles you identified to serve as your \”evidence base\” in evidenced- based practice. Your capstone project might be published in a similar format to these EBP articles someday!! (you will learn more about this in NUR 705). Once you graduate from the DNP program, it is expected that you can easily and efficiently identify clinical problems that could be intervened upon by implementing EBP. You will be the EBP/QI expert at your site!

1. Generally describe how population health, project site policy, and healthcare costs could be impacted by the implementation of your future project.


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