A school psychologist would be most likely to

Question 1

A detailed description of a particular individual being studied or treated is called _____

Select one:

a. a representative sample.

b. a case study.

c. a single-blind study.

d. a naturalistic observation.

Question 2

A experiment in which two individuals are placed in separate rooms while one tries to send information and the other tries to receive it without use of any of the senses is using the _____ procedure.

Select one:

a. ESP

b. Ganzfeld

c. telepathy

d. double blind

Question 3

A large study of heart disease that included White and African-American participants considered the age and gender of the participants but not their socioeconomic status. The conclusion drawn by the researchers was that being an African American male places you at greater risk for heart disease than being a White male. The problem with this conclusion is _____

Select one:

a. no other races were included in the study.

b. we can’t tell if the variable is race or socioeconomic status.

c. there were no African-American researchers on the team.

d. we already knew African-Americans get more heart disease.

Question 4

A participant-related bias known as ageism results in _____

Select one:

a. failing to perceive the diversity among older adults.

b. excessive deference to older adults.

c. a reluctance to ask older adults to participate in research.

d. a tendency to describe all older adults in positive terms.

Question 5

A school psychologist would be most likely to _____

Select one:

a. conduct an experiment.

b. counsel a disruptive student.

c. treat a student with schizophrenia.

d. study teaching methods.

Question 6

A ___ is a measure of how strongly two variables are related to one another.

Select one:

a. independent variable

b. dependent variable

c. experimental effect

d. correlation

Question 7

According to research on sleep deprivation, a small amount of sleep loss ____

Select one:

a. decreases cognitive ability.

b. is not a problem at all.

c. is a problem only for women, not men.

d. does not affect people older than age 12.

Question 8

Activated by the _____, gonads release _____

Select one:

a. thymus; estrogen.

b. pineal gland; testosterone.

c. pituitary; corticoids.

d. pituitary; sex hormones.

Question 9

Any experiments that seemed to support the idea that ESP exists have not been able to be _____

Select one:

a. published.

b. peer-reviewed.

c. replicated.

d. funded.

Question 10

Brain imaging studies support the conclusion that meditation _____

Select one:

a. is a form of sleep.

b. induces an altered state of consciousness.

c. is a quick fix for health problems.

d. is not helpful to health.

Question 11

By using random samples, polling organizations can represent the view of the American public with a sample size starting from _____

Select one:

a. 100,000.

b. 1 million.

c. 100.

d. 1,000.


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