A Short Essay About An Article

Final Lecture:  Dressing Up Like a Firm

I always close the semester with a lecture that integrates and summarizes the material. 

This is important for three reasons:

a.  To connect the concepts and enhance your understanding of the course.

b.  To demonstrate the relevance of the material to personal decision-making.

c.  To better equip those of you who plan to teach business.

 This semester, my article titled “Lessons Learned When Dressing Up Like a Firm: Personal Strategic Management” will be the final lecture.  Access the article at  http://contentcat.fhsu.edu/cdm/ref/collection/jbl/id/163.  Please read the article, and submit a short essay (DO NOT EXCEED 1 PAGE) on how the lessons learned will affect your strategic decisions in the future. This is an individual assignment, and essays are due by _________TBA__________!  (If you are interested in the referenced appendices, see the rough draft of the paper posted on my faculty website.)


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