A to E Assessment

9 year old child presents to the ED with his mother. He has been unwell for a week with a slight cough and a temperature. He lives with his mum and brother. No medical history. Has an allergy to penicillin.
Complete an A-E assessment and handover your findings using SBAR
Observations recorded as:
RR 38
SpO2 96% on air
Pulse 125
BP 115/65
CRT 2 seconds
Blood glucose 5.6mmols
Patient is alert, no confusion
On examination, bruising noted to back and arms.

Scenario 2
75 year old male admitted to the medical assessment unit. Unwell for 2 days, unable to pass urine for last 12 hours. Moderate pain to abdomen and daughter says more confused.
Past medical history: M.I at 68 yrs. Alzheimer\’s, recently commenced memantine 20mg daily.

RR 22
SpO2 95%
BP 105/55
Pulse 89
Urine output nil (last 12 hours)
Temperature 36.2
Blood glucose 5.2mmols
New confusion
Moderate Pain
Slightly distended Abdo on examination


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