Accounting Discussion Questions

(Does not need to be APA format– no Min word)

DQ# 1

  • How is the disposition of a long-term asset like land or equipment or a building recorded in the General Journal? 
  • What is the function of these entries (meaning, what do the accounts that are affected by the entries communicate to readers of the financial statements)? 
  • Prepare journal entries to record the following:

    1.  Gomez Company retires its delivery equipment, which cost $41,000. Accumulated depreciation is also $41,000 on this delivery equipment. No salvage value is received.

    2.  Assume the same information as (a), except that accumulated depreciation is $39,000, instead of $41,000, on the delivery equipment.

DQ# 2

Jacobs Company incurs the following expenditures in purchasing a truck: cash price$30,000, accident insurance $2,000, sales taxes $1,500, motor vehicle license $100, and paintingand lettering $400.

  • Identify each cost as either a capital expenditure or a revenue expenditure and discuss why each choice was made.
  • What is the cost of the truck? (show how you arrived at this amount)


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