Accounting question. Please help!

For each of the following accounts, select the letter that represents the best category for each item.  A letter can be used more than once or not at all.   


a.  Current Asset 

b.  Long-term Investment  g. Paid-in Capital 

c.  Plant Asset  h. Retained Earnings 

d.  Intangible Asset  i. Revenue 

e.  Current Liability    j. Expense  

f.  Long-term Liability  k. “Other Revenue or Expense”   


__a____ (ex.) Cash 


_______ 1. Accumulated Depreciation 


_______ 2. Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 


_______ 3. Common Stock 


_______ 4. Discount on Bonds Payable 


_______ 5. Interest Payable  


_______ 6. Interest Revenue 


_______ 7. Loss on Sale of Investment 


_______ 8. Payroll Tax Expense 


_______ 9. Prepaid Insurance 


_____10. Unearned Rent Revenue     


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