ACEN and CCNE Standards on curriculum development.

Discuss the influence of at least two specific and similar ACEN and CCNE Standards on curriculum development. Consider society’s current expectations of an institution’s educational preparation of nurses and the development of an Associate of Science in Nursing (ADN or ASN) Degree or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum. How would you as a faculty member designing this curriculum balance these standards with societal expectations and current student needs (note: think of the needs of nursing students in Miami) and abilities while maintaining a student-centered environment as contrasted with a teacher-centered or content-centered approach? Be sure to include at least three in-text citations and references in APA (2010) format.
Please refrain from the use of the first person/personal pronouns (I, we, our, your(s)) in professional writing and use the term \”the author\”.


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