activities addressing the multiple intelligences of children

This assignment is for a education class!!! Design Learning Center Areas on paper that includes activities addressing the multiple intelligences of children, both with special needs and those who do not.  Address the following questions when designing your centers:

• Do I have a center where children can have sensory experiences?

• Are there things of different textures children can touch? Different smells?

• Does the fine motor area include materials of different shapes and colors so that some children can simply identify them by pointing while others can make different configurations with colored blocks and explain why they are doing what they are doing?

• Do I have simple objects such as trucks and dolls in the dramatic play area for children who are just beginning to move toy vehicles left or right?

• Do I have boxes and other objects that can be used in a multitude of ways for children whose creative thinking skills are more advanced?

• Do I have objects such as balls and beanbags in the gross motor area for children who are at early stages of motor development, as well as climbing equipment and materials to build an obstacle course for those who are more skilled in this area?

• Are there open-ended materials for children who like to invent games and even make up their own rules?


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