Acute Otitis Media Case Study Treatment Plan

Create a first line treatment plan for the case study that I have attached. Identify that the final diagnosis of the patient is acute otitis media and explain why otitis externa and cholesteatoma have been ruled out by using subjective and objective data. Utilize the resources I have provided in the attachment. More resources may be used if needed.
The treatment plan will include:
• Labs
• Durable Medical Equipment Diagnostic tests- discuss the goal/purpose
• Any consultation with outside providers/services
• Medications- discuss why you chose each specific medication
• Referrals- who and why
• Follow up- why and when
• Education- specific and measurable
• Lifestyle Changes- specific to her cultural preferences, values and beliefs

Grading Requirements:
Contributes clinically accurate perspectives/insights applicable to the results from the physical exam and new diagnoses. Initial post includes the most likely diagnosis/specific treatment plan given case study information supported by rationale and answers all questions presented in the case. Demonstrates course knowledge/assigned readings by: linking tests/interventions accurately to diagnoses, applies learned knowledge specifically to the symptoms and patient information using original dialogue i.e., little to no direct quotes.

Fully supported by evidence from appropriate sources published within the last five years including National Guidelines. Content of journal articles represents a logical link between the article content and the assigned topics/case study information. In-text citations and complete references are provided.


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