Addiction Models

Addiction Models


Review the video and then respond to the questions below:

Discussion Questions: (answer in short paragraph not bullet point)

1. How important do you think it is to have people with addiction issues work with a professional from their culture?

2. Obviously from the video we have learned when it comes to a psychiatrist or psychologist few in proportion at non-white.  First, how might we create more cultural diversity among professionals?  Secondly, what factors might white psychiatrists or psychologists need to take into consideration when treating patients from a different culture?

3. What two points in this video seemed important to you?

4. He talks about different cultures connecting with personal, communal and/or spiritual power normally not found in a western approach to working with additions.  How might this factor be important and how might it be incorporated in treatment?

5. Does he bring up valid points?

6. What method does he use to draw his conclusions from?


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