Adress The Geologic Aspect Of The Earthquake As Well As The Effect That The Event Had On People.

List of the Earthquake for research and discuss:  ( Choose only 1)

a. 1906 San Fransisco Earthquake

b. 2004 Sumatra Earthquake

C. 2011 Tohoku  Earthquake and tsunami ( Japan)


Adress Geologic Aspect of the earthquake and the effects it had on people..


1500-1600 Words ( Double Space), 12pt font, Times New ROman, A list of references (minimum of 5) with appropriate in-text citation is required. (NO DIRECT QUOTES)


The source must be reputable:

– A Sciencetific Organization ( USGS, NSF, NOAA, ETC)

– A university or college website

– Scholarly Journal Articles


Dont use:

– Wikipedia

– Website without clear author

– Use your judgement


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