Advanced Pharmacology

Advanced Pharmacology

J. is a 55-year-old Hmong postmenopausal woman presenting with Type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension and urinary incontinence. She reports that she often cannot get to the bathroom in time when she feels the urge to urinate. She also wets herself when she laughs or sneezes. She is very embarrassed about this problem and has decreased her excursions from the house because of it. She drinks six cups of coffee a day. She does not follow a special diet, She takes hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension, and metformin for DM. Today her HgbA1C is 12. She wants treatment for her urinary complaints.


Diagnosis: Uncontrolled Type II DM, HTN, and urinary incontinence


In this discussion forum:


Discuss specific goals for pharmacotherapy for treating C. J..

Discuss the drug therapy a CNP would likely prescribe and why.

Discuss the parameters for monitoring success of the therapy.

Discuss health promotion recommendations you would consider for C. J.


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