AIS Requirements /The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper

Part 1 Accounting Information System Requirements

Write a 200- to 350-word outline listing the requirements for the development of an accounting information system.

Explain the accountant’s role in implementing and developing an accounting system.

Identify what is needed to ensure the system will maximize profitability and fit seamlessly into the organization.

Refer to Chapter 13Ch13.pdf 

Part 2 The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper

You are a systems developer for a company you are familiar with. The company wants to implement a new accounting information system. You have been asked to review the process prior to implementation.

Write a 700- to- 1,050-word paper discussing the following:

·How you determined the requirements needed for the accounting information system

·How the systems development life cycle could be implemented within the organization

·Challenges the organization may face

·Systems that must be replaced and why you recommend that they be replaced

Cite at least two sources in your paper.

Follow guidelines in the Center for Writing Excellence (APA format).


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