Analysis Presentation

Southeastern Louisiana University
School of Nursing
RN to BSN Program
Analysis of a Healthcare Topic Assignment, Suggested Topics, and Rubric
Assignment: Present a topic (background, pros, cons, etc.) and your position concerning a
controversy in healthcare using PowerPoint slides. See assignment rubric.
• Topic Assigned: Cannabis
Topics will either be selected by the student or will be assigned by the faculty. Consider
having conversations with leaders in nursing and other healthcare related positions while
searching for a topic of interest. They may also provide you with insight as to why a
particular topic is controversial. Have conversations early.
Students will present the pros and cons of the selected using PowerPoint presentation
Preparation may include reading at least two viewpoint articles representing different sides
of your topic. Reading chapters in the Yoder-Wise textbook that are associated with your
Here are points to consider:
1. What underlying issues are being discussed in the readings?
2. According to supporters, what are some possible advantages in favor of supporting
the issue?
3. According to those in opposition, what are some possible disadvantages to
supporting the issue?
4. What fallacies of reasoning emerge from the readings?
5. What alternative policy/programs have been proposed or might be developed?
6. What implications does the controversy have for healthcare in society?
Reviewed Spring 2019 LDB 2
Assignment Rubric
Assignment topic: Maximum
Key elements of the assignment are covered
in a substantive way in a 15 to 20-slide
• Posted PPT on time and appropriately
• Overview of topic/background –
shows evidence of a thorough review
of the literature
• Selected appropriate
articles/resources related debate
topic of interest
• Analysis of pros and cons
• The overall content is comprehensive,
accurate, and/or persuasive.
• Effective presentation of material –
accurate, organized
• Visuals used are professional
• Demonstrates knowledge of
technology used – PPT, Discussion
• Overall debate topic was informative,
engaging and professional
PowerPoint slides addresses assignment
questions as appropriate for topic. Refer to
General Scholarly Considerations:
Grammar, sentence structure, clarity of
thought, organization, spelling, punctuation,
and headings for each section. Civility of the
content of your paper. Do not use any direct
quotes. Proper and timely submission. Please
include a title slide and reference slide in
appropriate format.
Minimum of 15-slides excluding title and
reference slides.
Bullets used appropriately
Slides are balanced.
Reviewed Spring 2019 LDB 3
Colors are not distracting from content.
Graphics are not distracting from
Animation if used – is not distracting.
APA Format: APA Manual is required and
should be followed. The APA Format
Guidelines should be followed for citations
and references.
Reference List: Constructed according to APA
format. A minimum of 5 references are
required. Citations in the PowerPoint slides
should be on the reference list slide and vice
versa. Points will be deducted if references
include any website or media that is not
scholarly, nor intended for the use of
professional health care providers.
References from blogs or media in which
anyone can contribute information are not
acceptable. Points will also be deducted if
references do not include a scholarly journal.
References should be current – within the
past 5 years.
Points Possible 100 Overall


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