Another term for disease evolution is

The atrioventricular (tricuspid) valve is located in the

A. fibula.   B. lung.   C. heart.   D. brain.

Another term for disease evolution is

A. exacerbation.   B. remission.   C. pathogenesis.   D. morphology.

The vitreous humor can be found in the

A. ear.   B. tongue.   C. nose.   D. eye.

The codes for pacemakers and implantable defibrillators would be found in what section of CPT?

A. 33202–33273   B. 33200–33205   C. 33437–33537   D. 33533–33799

The HIPAA Privacy Rule indicates that

A. practitioners should disclose only the minimum amount of health information necessary for the purpose of the disclosure.   B. physicians may release medical information at their own discretion.   C. restrictions on information disclosure exist only for patients with life-threatening illnesses.   D. the level of information disclosure permitted is based on the nature of the procedure.

The abbreviation INH indicates what route of drug administration?

A. Inhaled and intrathecal administration   B. Inhaled and intravenous administration   C. Intrathecal injection   D. Inhalant solution

A patient comes to the clinic complaining of nausea, vomiting, fever, dizziness, and intermittent confusion. The physician conducts a detailed history and examination and reviews the patient’s lab results. The patient is diagnosed with pyelonephritis and is scheduled for an ultrasound to review the state of the kidneys and other organs. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?

A. 76775-TC, N15   B. 76775-26, N10   C. 73256-TC, M11   D. 71010-26, B12

What happens when HIPAA rules conflict with state law?

A. Conflicting state rules are overridden by federal law.   B. The interpretation of HIPAA rules is left to the physician’s discretion.   C. State laws overrule federal law.   D. The Supreme Court’s decision becomes final in binding arbitration

Which of the following statements is true of the olfactory nerve?

A. It’s susceptible to erosion due to Peyronie’s disease.   B. It’s located in the mitral valve and helps to circulate blood throughout the heart.   C. It conveys the fluid from lymph glands to other areas of the body.   D. It’s found in the nose and allows the senses to detect and distinguish odors.

The first step in EHR implementation is

A. structuring the timeline for EHR implementation.   B. analyzing the content of the traditional medical record.   C. conducting an assessment of the goals, needs, and financial stability of the health care practice.   D. reviewing the list of established patients currently being seen in the practice.

The outcome of delivery code should be

A. omitted from the maternal record for stillborn delivery.   B. assigned to the newborn record only.   C. assigned to the maternal record when a delivery occurs.   D. assigned to both the maternal and newborn records.



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