Apple Course Project- IT Review

Assignment 2: Course Project—IT Review – The Company for this project is Apple

The business organization that you have selected for the course project must have an IT policy. For this assignment, identify the IT policy and review it for strength, robustness, and clarity. In addition, consider the user organizations within the business enterprise, the ways in which IT services are used, and how they add value to the organization.

Address the following in your review: 

  • Identify the use of IT in various departments.
  • Identify the advantages of various IT tools used by the organization.
  • Suggest better technology or technology that can increase the company’s profitability and efficiency.
  • As you review the use of IT in the company, identify some important IT terms (at least ten) that are relevant to business. In your own words, provide a short description of each term.
  • Discuss ethical concerns that revolve around fast-changing technology to which the company should pay attention to ensure both product and intellectual property security and employee productivity.

Do not confuse IT use with IT policy. Be sure to identify specific departments like finance or HR.

Write a 3-page review in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. 


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