Asian American Studies 3 Book Thoughts


– there are 3 books and needs 3 separate essays.

“Pop Empires”, “Chinese migrant networks” “Mc kewon

– We’re reading three books for the course. After we finish each book, you’re asked to write a reflection on that book and the experience. This is not a formal book review. This is an opportunity for you to collect your thoughts on the book and discuss what you learned and what ideas it sparked. As long as these reflections show that you have read and understood the book and that you have some scholarly insights based on the text and/or your experience reading it, then you’ll meet expectations. An exemplary reflection would spend some (but not all) time/ space discussing how the book fits with other ideas from the course and the historiographical and/or methodological thoughts that arose for you. I’ll be evaluating the erudition and development of your thinking and your engagement with the text rather than your writing in these reflections. You can definitely use “I” and have an informal writing style (with citation). Let me stress: these are your reflections. DO. NOT. COPY. FROM. BOOK. REVIEWS. If I wanted to read the ideas of senior scholars on these books, I would go to the peer-reviewed journals. I do want to do that, but not in the context of this class. For these reflections, I want to know what you thought of the book and what the book made you think about.

– Length: 4-6 pages, double-spaced, 12-point standard font, default margins

– Style: Organized and Edited prose (academic, informal, or otherwise)

– Citation: I prefer CMS but as long as you cite properly using MLA or APA that’s fine


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