Assignment Context and Scenario:

Assignment Context and Scenario:
Considering that you are recently appointed as the deputy to the human resource
manager, you have been given 4 assignment tasks (refer to next page) to be carried
out and present to the manager.
You will be, therefore, need to choose an organisation that you are familiar with,
preferably a UK listed company, and analyse the human resource management
strategy used by the organisation since 2010. You would need to examine how the
organisation has overcome a variety of challenges during the successful
implementation of their current human resource management Policy and strategy.
You are required to demonstrate that you have a good knowledge and understanding
of personnel and human resource functions that are needed to recruit and retain
capable and efficient staff and employees in an organisation. The course unit is also
aimed at helping with the learners’ ability to plan, organise, and implement a range of
approaches to improve the staff performance as well as the organisation in general.
You are required to fulfil the following four tasks in report format. Each
answer must address the task, and provide an analysis supported by
marketing theory. Total word limit is 3,500 words; your assignment
should be at least 3,000 words in length.


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