Assignment N493

Module 6: Assignment N493

Put your project to work! Create materials for your presentation. These can include your speaker notes, PowerPoint for the presentation, or poster board. Hold the event at the designated and approved location. Take photos of yourself or record a short video of the location (this may be a table you have set up, a booth location, or a meeting room). Please include the photo OR video of you at the location as this will be the evidence that the event took place. This will be evidence that the event took place.

Submit your presentation materials, including your photos or videos

Show in your pictures: Your educational materials, your education table or booth, and some of the people that you gave instruction to, and include pictures. If the people at the education session do not want their picture taken, that is ok, just take some of you doing the presentation.

Submit 2 or 3 pictures of your presentation Do not submit more than 3 pictures due to you will overload the drop box and be unable to submit your other tools such as power points (if you used one), or handouts that you used, etc. If you submit too many files, the drop box will be full. Don’t forget the log of at least 10-15 hours must be submitted into project concert.


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