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The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty Is the death penalty appropriate for the sexual assault of a minor?  And what about the death sentence for the killing of police officers or other public figures? What about the death sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston bomber found guilty in court for the act of planning and executing terrorism in Boston?  The […]

Writing An Efficient Business Complaint Letter

Writing An Efficient Business Complaint Letter   As the Vice President of Rochester Preferred Travel, you are upset with Premier Promos. Premier is a catalog company that provides imprinted promotional products for companies. Your travel service was looking for something special to offer in promoting its cruise ship travel packages. Premier offered free samples of […]

Events Management

Events Management   IMPORTANT— FOR EACH ASSIGNMENT THE PRINCIPLES/PROCESSES INCLUDED IN THE ATTACHMENT MUST BE INCLUDED. ASSIGNMENT 1 –  Prepare a written plan for an event management business in about approximately 1000 words. The business plan should be comprehensive and detailed including at a minimum the following information:  Describe briefly what segment you wish […]

How to improve the organizational structure of a selected nonprofit youth organization

I currently work for a nonprofit youth organization Youth Places in Pittsburgh; Pa. Youth Places mainly services the African American under privileged community grades 6th-12th. My role as a site manager is implementing programing, and hands on participation with the youth in the organization. The critical problem within the organization is lack of leadership, communication, […]

Bandwagon Effect

Bandwagon Effect Title: Band Wagon Effect; write 500-word discussion post on  Band Wagon Effect within chapter 10 of attached textbook in below format. Refer attached textbook and any other references if needed a: Cover page b: Overview describing the importance of the research topic to current business and professional practice in your own words. c: […]

Law and ethics are not the same

While related, law and ethics are not the same. The law establishes what individuals must do, while ethics describes what individuals should do. What this means is that some things viewed as immoral may in fact not be illegal, and some illegal activities may not necessarily be immoral. For this discussion, pick one of the topics below and explain whether you […]

Get inside the head of a customer

Week 2 Market   This week we’re going to get inside the head of a customer because this is what marketers need to do to get their message heard and to influence purchasing decisions. To do this, respond to the following: In marketing, the customer comes first. You can’t market to potential customers unless you […]

The Angel Investor

Assignment: The Angel Investor In this assignment, you will be assessed based on the following Course Outcome: MT480-6: Incorporate the combined attributes of debt and equity given a cost of capital model. The concept of after-tax weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is a foundation when assessing cost of capital and investment options. The assignment will […]