BA Theory Paper

BA Theory Paper

Minimum of 3 scholarly sources and provide hyperlink to the FULL article or journal

· Submit through Turnitin and provide the report



The purpose of this scholarly writing paper is to develop and communicate a deeper understanding of the relationship of learning theories to the educational role of the nurse. Select two learning theories to compare and contrast.

Theories chosen:

1. Cognitive learning theory

2. Social learning theory

Provide the following information in the paper:

· A summary of each learning theory

· Compare and contrast each theory regarding the strengths and limitations of each theory

· The relationship of each theory to the educator role of the nurse

· An example from your experience or your work setting on the use of each theory


Please follow the format below!!






To better organize the paper, use level two headings (flush with the left margin, bolded) for the topics included in the discussion. So, the sections in the paper would look something like:



Summary of Each Theory

Your paragraph(s)

Compare and Contrast of Theories

Your paragraph(s)

Relationship of Each Theory to the Educator Role of the Nurse

Your paragraph(s)

Example of Each Theory

Your paragraph(s)


Your paragraph(s)


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