Be sure you answer ALL parts of the question

You have 3 choices, answer one question (1) in the space below. Be sure you answer ALL parts of the question.

CHOICE 1 – PARENTING STYLE: Baumrind developed a way to characterize parenting style. What qualities contribute to her classification system? Compare and contrast two styles, the one considered to have the positive outcomes for kids (from a mainstream American perspective), versus one associated with more negative outcomes for kids. Label the style, describe it and note typical outcomes as have been found by research. What are the criticismsagainst using this classification system?

CHOICE 2 – BULLYING: Emmy’s son is being bullied at school and it shows no signs of abating. Based on research, should she be concerned? Should she get involved? If so, how? If so, why not? Be sure to use what you learned in the text and modules to answer the question.

CHOICE 3 – ADOLESCENT THINKING: Define and describe formal operational thought (according to Piaget). Then consider the Kolbert article – if adolescents are so smart, why do they do such stupid things? Be sure to include examples.

Please write in complete sentences and be sure that you cover all aspects of the question you choose. Incorporate class concepts and terms.


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