BHD404 Module 3 Case

Module 3 – Case


Case Assignment

Please search the Trident Online Library and the web for a recent health promotion program of your choice in the U.S.
Then answer these questions:
1. What was the goal of this program? Why was it an important goal?
2. Did the planners attempt to change both behavior and environment? Please explain.
3. How were objectives of the health promotion plan established?
4. What were the strategies and the interventions? Would you have done anything differently?
5. Did the planners think about the future evaluation of the program? Was this appropriate?

Assignment Expectations

Please make sure that all assignment questions are specifically answered, that your answers are clear, and your paper is well organized. Provide enough depth, while paying attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your paper needs to be 2-3 pages long.

Your assignment will not be graded until you have submitted an Originality Report with a Similarity Index (SI) score <15% (excluding direct quotes, quoted assignment instructions, and references). Papers not meeting this requirement by the end of the session will receive a score of 0 (grade of F). Papers with a lower SI score may be returned for revisions. For example, if one paragraph accounting for only 10% of a paper is cut and pasted, the paper could be returned for revision, despite the low SI score. Please use the report and your SI score as a guide to improve the originality of your work.


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