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The importance of healthy diet, physical activity and a healthy body weight are shown s a necessity for disease prevention and a person’s well being. As one of the leading health indicators in Healthy People 2020, nutrition, physical Activity and obesity are risk factors for chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and some types of cancers. Healthy People 2020 provided guidelines on maintaining healthy diet, physical activity and a healthy body weight. The progress update on Healthy People 2020 shows some of the goals and objectives are being met with more adults engaging in physical activity and detectable change in mean daily intake of vegetables (Healthy People 2020, 2014).

According to McGuire (2013) the CDC  in collaboration with other health bodies has set standards and guidelines that will help increase the intake of fruit and vegetables. There are also national standards and targets provided for physical activity. When these two targets are met then obesity and overweight will be reduced in the nation. According to the progress update of Healthy People 2020 there is a 15.4% change showing 4 health indicators have either met or exceeded their targets. The data shows more adults are partaking in physical activities and have exceeded the national target.  There is minimal change in the rate of obesity among both children and adults. This may be due to the reason why the rate of fruits and vegetables intake is still at a minimal.

Good nutrition, physical exercises and healthy body weight are essential in preventing disease and the well being of a person. Healthy People 2020 provide for the indicators like obesity in both adults and children, mean daily intake of fruits and vegetables and physical activity.


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1..  Did you find any disparities within this topic that need to be better addressed? In other words, are individuals disproportionately being impacted by this health indicator based on certain factors (such as socioeconomic status, race, age, geographic location, etc.)?


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