Biological Study Of Preventing And Curing Post Tramatic Stress Disorder In Veterans

A research paper on the biological study of  Preventing and curing Post Tramatic Stress Disorder in Veterans also select a biological strategy (e.g., hormones, neurotransmitters, physiology, imaging). paper should also include a powerpoint slide (information below)


The written report should address the biological study of a specific behavioral or mental phenomeno.


The paper is to be 7 to 10 pages, or about 1,800 words in length. It must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and fully referenced in APA forma.

The text of your paper should be preceded by an abstract (about 100 words) that summarizes the key points in the pape.


PowerPoint Presentation: The PowerPoint presentation should illustrate the area represented in your written report. The main purpose of this is to familiarize you with the most widely used state-of-the-art presentation form, to further explicate the written report, and to share your work with classmates. The PowerPoint presentation should consist of a minimum of 10 slides of the area in your written report. If you do not have access to PowerPoint, you may use a word processing package instead. Consider the following tips in preparing your PowerPoint:


  1. your first or second slide should be an outline of the presentation in which you identify main points and then follow the order of your outline for the rest of the presentation
  2. there should be about four or five points per slide
  3. use a standard font (Times Roman or Arial) and at least an 18-point font size with different sized fonts for main points and secondary points
  4. use a font color that contrasts sharply with the background
  5. use graphs rather than charts and words, and always title your graphs
  6. proof your slides for spelling and grammatical errors
  7. use a conclusion slide to summarize the main points of your presentation and to suggest future avenues of research
  8. avoid ending your presentation abruptly—you might end your slide with a quote, a simple question, or the next steps



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