Word Count 300


Please read: Rebecca Parker Brienen, Visions of Savage Paradise: Albert Eckhout, Court Painter in Colonial Dutch Brazil (Amseterdam University Press, 2007), read then “Introduction,” pp. 11-26; and sections of Chapter 5 “Black, Brown, Yellow: Eckhout’s paintings of African, Mestizos, andMulattos,” pp. 131-161.
   And discuss: Based the Brienen reading, who is Eckhout and how do his experiences in Brazil help us to understand contact between European imperialism in the Americas?  In Chapter 5, Brienen provides an analysis of Eckhout’s images of native people.  Use one of the images to discuss how race relates to the ecological revolution.  For example, in some of the images Native Americans are depicted in African scenes.  Why?

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