British Airways

Read the case study: The British Airways Swipe Card Debacle from the end of chapter 8 in your text.  Review the swipe card story, drawing on each of the following change perspectives discussed in chapters 7 and 8: organizational development, sense-making, change management, contingency, and processual.  Answer the following questions in a three page APA style paper; include outside sources to support your answers.
  a. From each change perspective, what are the key issues to understanding the wildcat strike?
 b. Assume that you have been retained as a change consultant by BA management to advise them on how to avoid such a situation in the 
  future.  What lessons emerge from each perspective and what recommendations would you draw from each in constructing your advice 
  to BA management?  If appropriate, role-play the presentation of this advice to senior management of BA. 
  c. Is there one change perspective, or a combination of change perspectives, that provides the best way of understanding the swipe card 
 issue? Why?
 d. What broad conclusions emerge from this analysis?

BA Case Study.pdf 


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