Budget Introduction

Budget Introduction

In six weeks you will be creating a comprehensive “Organization Wide Operating Budget” for a real or hypothetical mental health related practice for your Budget Assignments in this class. Whether this is a non-profit or for-profit sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation (LLC), partnership, sub-s corporation, or other. We begin this process by identifying the following:

NOTE: The organization name has to be mental health related

I have one example organization: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

1. Name of Organization

2. Type of Organization (non-profit or for-profit, see above options)

3. Location of Organization (urban vs. rural)

4. Staff required

5. Program/organization objectives or mission statement (why are you in business)

6. Proposed clientele you will be working with (age, gender, diagnosis, how many/day, what payer sources…private pay, traditional health insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, managed care, grants related).

7. Facilities you will need to deliver services (square footage, equipment, etc.).

You may use worksheet A.1, page 140+ as a guide to complete the above information. Please note that not all categories on Worksheet A.1 are required for this assignment. The recommended length of this assignment is 2-3 pages with reference support.


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