Business & Finance Project

This project may address one of the following topics:

1.Development of a business plan for a  new business unit

2.The development and implementation of a contract analysis and negotiating position, 

3.The development of a program or project plan, or 

4. The development and implementation of a new business process. 

Before the project is developed a short description of the project should be submitted that addresses the follow:

1.Purpose of the Project– This element is the basis for the project and outlines what the project intended to accomplish and its business purpose.

2.Background of the Project– This element covers why the project is important in the short or long term success of the business or government organization. What goals can be expected to be reached?

3.Research– What needs to be known? How will the information be obtained? What methods will be used 

4.Schedule– What milestones must be reached? At what milestone will the project be implemented or completed?

5.Results and Benefits– What specific results and benefits are anticipated? How will they Be measured?

The body of the project report must be 30 to 50 pages length. This does not include the Title Page, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Table, Reference or Appendices. 


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