business law help needed

business law

Question 5, Chapter 20, of Mann, R.A. and Roberts, B.S. (2009). Business Law and the Regulation of Business.  Mason, OH:  Cengage Learning:

“Edwin sells a sofa to Jack for $800.  Edwin and Jack both know that the sofa is in Edwin’s warehouse, located approximately ten miles from Jack’s home.  The contract does not specify the place of delivery, and Jack insists that the place of delivery is either his house or Edwin’s store.  Is Jack correct?

Question 11, Chapter 21, Mann & Roberts (2009):

“On February 7, Pillsbury purchased eight thousand bushels of wheat from Landis.  The wheat was being stored at the Greensville Grain Company. Pillsbury also intended to store the wheat with Greensville.  On February 10, the wheat was destroyed.  Landis demands payment for the wheat from Pillsbury.  Who prevails? Who has title?  Who has the risk of loss? Explain.


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