Busniess Model

Pick up key topics from the lecture or chapters under review and create a blog entry.  Each blog entry should be at least two paragraphs.  In the first paragraph, paraphrase what you have learned from reading an article, visiting a website or viewing a video.  Please provide a link or a reference to the article, website or video.  In the second paragraph, express your thoughts on what you have read.  You can either further explain or criticize what you have read. And you will find some information in the paowerpint attached about the topic i chose the  (Busniess Model)

My topic is : Busniess Model (Somthing related to business model; Participants, Process, Marketplace)

You have to read an article or watch a video and write about it as required (two paragraphes in one page)

Busniess Model, Chapter 3.odp


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