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GEOG 101 – Homework #1 – EUROPE – 20pts





Instructions for submitting your assignment – You will lose points for not following


Type your answers in this document using 12pt Times New Roman. Insert your full name at the beginning of the existing file name to save your final document as ”FirstnameLastname_GEOG101_Homework1_Europe.docx” Upload it to Canvas to submit.







Required Reading (these are listed in chronological order and should be read that way)



Shooting Schengen – The Economist



The Paris attacks could mark the end of Europe’s open borders, if the far right has its way – The Washington Post



Internal Borders Aren’t the Answer to EU Terrorism – Bloomberg View



A real border guard at last – The Economist



Europe migrant crisis: EU battles to keep Schengen freedom – BBC



Leaders at E.U. Summit Vow to ‘Regain Control’ of Borders – New York Times



Sweden and Denmark Add Border Checks to Stem Flow of Migrants – New York Times








Short answer questions – 4pts each


Define the Schengen Agreement: What is it? Why was it put in place? How does it aim to achieve the EU goal of an “ever closer union?”














What is Frontex? What is being proposed as a replacement, and why?














Give an example of how some European attitudes toward the migrant crisis appear to have changed recently. How and why have opinions changed? Be specific.














Essay question – 8pts


Make an argument for or against abolishing Schengen and eliminating free travel throughout the EU. Be sure to consider culture, economics, and national security in developing your argument. You should acknowledge and critique the opposing position in order to fully support your chosen stance on the issue.


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