Can you give a current example of how checks and balances have worked with this current President


Can you give a current example of how checks and balances have worked with this current President, Court and Congress? What has happened to recent Obama appointees? What changes did the Senate make to filibustering? See if you can’t seek out a current example to show these powers.


1. Nullification would have had the effect of returning the nation to the Articles of Confederation because (Points : 1)       any one state could effectively veto federal actions.

each state could ignore the national government.

any state could refuse to send representatives to Congress.

each state could raise its own army.

Question 2. 2. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis referred to the states as laboratories of democracy in the a federal system because (Points : 1)       states were often not very democratic.

states are arenas to experiment with policy before trying it out at the national level.

states determine whether national policy is a good idea.

states are arenas of democracy in an otherwise authoritarian federal system.

Question 3. 3. Dual Federalism is characterized by (Points : 1)       the national government asserting national authority.

the states and national government being equally sovereign.

the states asserting their absolute sovereign rights.

the lack of communication between the states and the national government.

Question 4. 4. Contemporary federalism is characterized by (Points : 1)       indifference between the states and the national government.

cities bypassing states and dealing directly with the national government.

states and the national government working together through intergovernmental relations.

by the national government treating states like unruly children.

Question 5. 5. With unfunded mandates, the national government (Points : 1)       respects state sovereignty.

passes a national policy measure which will require state spending.

approves a state policy measure and provides 1/3 of the required state spending.

fully pays for the state spending requirements.

Question 6. 6. The principal powers of Congress include all except (Points : 1)       the power of the purse.

the power to declare war.

implied powers.

the power to hire generals.

Question 7. 7. Technology is important in congressional representation because it allows for (Points : 1)       members to communicate in more ways with their constituents.

members to never have to attend sessions of Congress.

constituents to vote for members of Congress via the internet.

members to manipulate their constituents.

Question 8. 8. Congress represents the larger public interest by (Points : 1)       maintaining power of the purse.

forming specialized committees to address legislative issues.

holding the executive branch accountable through legislative oversight.

authorizing the President to go to war.

Question 9. 9. Congressional staff have an important role in Congress because (Points : 1)       members rely on staff to study the issues and provide them with essential information.

members rely on staff to cast votes for them.

members rely on staff to sit in for them when representing their districts.

members would not understand the complexity of legislation without the input of their staff.

Question 10. 10. The requirement that states be divided into single-member districts comes from (Points : 1)       the U.S. Constitution.

state laws.

an 1842 act of Congress.

colonial tradition.


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