Care Of Older Adults

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Care Of Older Adults


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· Analyze the increased complexity of care among older adults.

Your supervisor needs to make sure that each of the in-service topics will be covered by someone, so she is asking the staff to communicate their topic preference. Below is the list of problems your supervisor wants the nursing staff to be able to teach older adult clients (and/or their family members) about.

In-service Topic Options:

· Hypertension

· Diabetes

· Coronary artery disease

· Depression

· Dementia

· Polypharmacy

· Increased risk of falls

· Vison/hearing impairment

· Nutrition and hydration

Your supervisor has asked you to submit a 1-page proposal, written using proper spelling, grammar, and APA, which addresses the following:

1. Identify the client problem your in-service will address.

2. Describe at least 5 consequences of the client problem as it relates to the health, safety, and well-being of older adults.

3. Explain your rationale for choosing the client problem you selected.







Practice Issue


Consequences and Rationales





· From the rubric: (remove all purple prior to submitting assignment): Identifies client problem in-service will address. Thoroughly describes 5 or more relevant consequences for older adult clients’ health, safety, and well-being. Thoroughly explained rationale for selecting the particular client problem.

· One page- proposals are meant to be short and concise











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