case analysis 6

Your Case Project is based on McDonald’s Company it was developed by Professor Jamal Shamsie, Pace University and published by Dess, Lumpkin and Eisner “Strategic Management: Text and Cases” Textbook 4th edition, McGraw Hill, 2009. The Case represents real facts experienced by McDonald’s Restaurant turnaround strategy that was working but the firm still faced a rapidly fragmenting market where changes in the tastes of consumers have made once-exotic foods like sushi and burritos everyday options…


The case should be approached and written in a “Case Analysis” format..Attached is a link called “Case Analysis Process” which will guide you as to how to prepare and write this case study.

Your case should include:

A– Introduction of the Case

B– Statement of the Problem / Identify Problem

C– Conduct Strategic Analysis

      – Issues related to the case

D- Propose Alternatives Solutions

E– Make Recommendation / Select Appropriate Solution


This case should be written in APA Style of Writing and no less than 5 pages in length. Not including cover page and reference pages. The elements for your case analysis and development from A to E should be titled and underlined throughout your paper.




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