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Case study

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Case Study #3 Worksheet sections: Diagnosis & ICD-10 Pertinent Findings: Subjective and Objective Data Diagnostics References/Clinical Practice Guidelines Treatment: In Aquifer, what treatment was ordered for the primary diagnosis and what treatment is recommended for the DDxs? Reference applicable guidelines to support this information. • Pharmacological – include name of medication, dose, frequency, duration. Max/daily if PRN medication. Include special education or precautions for meds. Be specific and individualize it to the patient. Do not list the category only or “this or that.” Example: ibuprofen 800mg. 1 po q8hrs prn HA, max 320mg/day, take with food • Nonpharmacological – interventions such as diet, hydration, activity limitations, patient education • Referrals -Where was the patient referred and why (rationale)?


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