psychology 216 discussion research design and ethics

First, read Chapter 2 in your textbook about ways to study people in personality psychology. Also read Section 1.16 of Chapter 1 of the APA manual, on planning for ethical compliance. Review also the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, specifically the section entitled General Principles, which covers ethical guidelines for conducting psychological research.

As you read, keep in mind an example of each type of research design based on the track and topic you have chosen for your final project.

elementary statistics i need a 100 on my chapter 3 quiz

Elementary Statistics i need a 100% on my chapter 3 quiz

there is three attempts i will send my information for mymathlab

chapter 11 quiz


This is a quiz that You will have 10 minutes to complete 5 questions for Chapter 11 Quiz. Good luck!

reading reflection for ch7

Read Chapter 7 and then write two paragraph of what you learned in this chapter. 250 words maximum. Thank you

develop a strategic plan for a publicly traded company of your choice


For this assignment, you will take each of the elements addressed earlier in the class and develop a strategic plan for a publicly-traded company of your choice, which was researched using the annual stock report website, company website, and other financial reporting websites. Be sure your plan includes the following:

  1. Share the mission statement.
  2. Include the vision statement.
  3. Identify any stated strategic goals.
  4. Produce a SWOT and PEST analysis.
  5. Assess the company’s competitive advantages.
  6. Provide a corporate strategic plan for sustained innovation in a global marketplace.
  7. Close the paper by addressing recommended solutions for sustained innovation, in light of any potential disruptive innovation.

Length: The paper should be 10-15 pages, not including a cover page or references. Please consider adding an appendix for any figures or tables.

References: Include at least 8 scholarly resources.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.

career paths assignment

Research art careers online that interest you. Look at lists of creative careers and find some that look interesting. Write a 2-3 page paper about 3 creative careers that you found online. Write about the Skills, Qualifications, Income, and Job Duties for 3 different creative careers. Pick careers that you are not familiar with but would like to do. These do not have to be from your art concentration but it should be an art related career. This is to be turned in as PDF format.

Graphic Designer

Interior design

Advertising creator

assignment for sociology 130

Please follow all instructions and answer all questions carefully

I attached the rubric below

Using the FBI’s Crime in the United States 2016 (Links to an external site.) report under Offenses known to Law Enforcement click on Violent Crime and find Table #2 titled “Crime in the United States by Region, Geographic Division, and State, 2015-16.” From Table #2, 1) find and record the region (one of the following: Northeast, Midwest, South, or West) which had the highest “Violent crime,” “Rate per 100,000 in 2016″ and 2) record that crime rate. Again from Table #2, 3) find and record the region (one of the following: Northeast, Midwest, South, or West) that had the lowest “Violent crime,” “Rate per 100,000” in 2016, and 4) record that crime rate. Next, find Table #20 titled “Arrests by Age, 2016” (Hint: start from the homepage and use Persons Arrested link). From Table #20, 5) find and record the total percentage of people arrested “Ages under 15,” and 6) find and record the percentage of people arrested aged “65 and older.” Again, from Table #20, 7) find and record the age with the largest percentage arrested between the ages of 15 to 24. Finally from Table #20, 8) find and name the “Offense charged” (excluding “all other offenses except traffic”) with the largest number of arrests. Lastly, find Table #1 titled “Crime in the United States by Volume and Rate per 100,000 inhabitants, 1997-2016.” Using Table #1, 9) did the overall “violent crime rate” increase or decrease over those twenty years?

complete information security task vin

In a paper of 3–5 pages, complete the following:

  • Describe at least 2 cyber crimes (e.g., viruses and hostile codes) and how they can compromise privacy and data.
  • How can encryption be used to ensure integrity and maintain data privacy?
  • Describe a basic encryption algorithm and how it works.
  • What considerations should be taken into account for implementation?

Your paper, which should be between 3 and 5 pages, should be written using the APA writing style. For more information on APA, please visit the APA Lab.

answer questions for quality management course mcclendon

Complete the following assignment in Microsoft Word and submit as an attachment. Make sure you label your assignment as follows:


Course Name

Assignment Name


Complete the following questions. Do not copy straight from the textbook.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the functional structure? How does a process focus overcome some of the disadvantages?
  2. Explain the differences between job enlargement, job enrichment, and job rotation. Provide some examples from your experience.
  3. Discuss the conditions under which team incentives may work. When is it a poor idea to install such systems?
  4. How might a team leader deal with “social loafing,” when members of the team are freeloaders, willing to receive the benefits of teamwork without doing the work themselves? How would you deal with it if it occurred in a class project?

annotated bibliography 663

Annotated Bibliography This assignment will be one of several throughout the Ph.D. program that we use to help you prepare for the dissertation process. One of the core competencies necessary to succeed in a doctoral program is the ability to identify other research that pertains to your own. This means you’ll have to identify related research, read the papers, and assimilate prior work into your research. An annotated bibliography helps you develop and hone these research skills. The paper must be in a correct APA format, use correct grammar, and will need to include at least five (5) resources, ALL of which must: 1) Be current. Published within the last few years. 2) Be peer-reviewed. 3) Relate directly to defense in depth in the context of protecting National Infrastructure. Remember that an annotation is not the same as an abstract. Abstracts are descriptive. Your annotations are to be evaluative and critical. Give me enough information for me to decide if I’m interested enough to read the paper, and also how you perceive the paper. Do not go skimpy on these annotations, but DO NOT write too much here. Quality is far more critical than quantity. This exercise is for each of you to demonstrate that you can identify, categorize, and digest multiple research papers. The resources you choose must be peer-reviewed. That means the paper must have undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference. You must ensure that your resources have undergone rigorous reviews. In most cases, you can find out the review process for a conference or journal by visiting the appropriate web site. Do not merely assume that a resource is peer-reviewed – check it out. Here are a few URLs with additional information: (I strongly suggest that you look at these. Really.) <<<< Check out the “Rules! Rules! rules!” section