ccj-2943-3 Current Issues in Criminal Justice

you will evalute two hypothetical criminal cases in terms of inmate release. Image you are the authority figure in connection with both cases. Significant overcrowding in the prison system means there two inmates must receive early release, your task is to determine what form that release should take.

Write a paper explaining the decisions you would make regarding releases in each scenario. One page for each scenario.

Scenario a- A former addict, was convicted of selling drugs and has served two year of a four year sentence. This first time offender has been a model inmate.

Scenario B- Inmate B was convictedof a white-collar crime, embezzlement, and has served nine months of a three year sentence. This first-time offender has been reported for aggressive behavior. 

-Describe the possible methods that could be used to release each inmate into the community.

-Select the release method you would assign to each criminal.

-Provide a thorough explanation for each of your decisions.


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