You are a Physicianâs Assistant and you are set to meet with a patient to talk about his cholesterol panel

Cholesterol: A patient conversation

You are a Physicianâs Assistant and you are set to meet with a patient to talk about his cholesterol panel.

The patient, Mr. Brown, is a 56 year old male who leads a largely sedentary lifestyle. He has admitted, in

a previous visit, that his favorite activity is sitting on the couch and eating snacks while watching sports.

He has also expressed concerns that you would try to drastically change his lifestyle (which he does not

want to do) if his tests came back high.

The panel that came back on Mr. Brown contains the following results:

Test Result

Triglycerides 145 mg/dL

Cholesterol 210 mg/dL

HDL 33 mg/dL

LDL 160 mg/dL

ï· Report the results to Mr. Brown â be sure to tell him his exact numbers.

ï· Interpret the results for Mr. Brown â are the results normal? Abnormal? What are the

normal/abnormal ranges for each test?

ï· What are triglycerides?

ï· What is cholesterol?

ï· What are LDL and HDL?

ï· Where is cholesterol produced?

ï· What are the causes of high cholesterol?

ï· What are the treatments for reducing high cholesterol?

ï· What are the side effects of medication for treating high cholesterol?

ï· Do the benefits of lowering cholesterol outweigh the risks of taking medication?

ï· What options exist for a person to try and reduce his/her cholesterol without taking medication?

ï· How would you alleviate any fears Mr. Brown may have regarding his condition?

ï· What recommendations would you make to Mr. Brown knowing his concerns?

ï· What approach would you take to encourage him to make any necessary lifestyle changes?


Submission Guidelines

ï· 3-4 pages (approximately 900â1200 words not including title page or references), doublespaced,

typed, 12-point Times New Roman font.

ï· You may choose to write your paper in the format of a script (like a movie or television show)

ï· Use simple terminology and avoid jargon

ï· Use real-life analogies to explain the issues

ï· Provide references in APA format as appropriat

Cholesterol: A patient conversation

SC121 Unit 2 Assignment

Performance Elements Points
Category Criteria Expectation Earned Possible
Project Requirements Interpretation of test results Normal vs. abnormal ranges discussed and results interpreted for:

  • Triglycerides (8 pts)
  • Cholesterol (8 pts)
  • HDL (8 pts)
  • LDL (8 pts)
Analysis of substances
  • Explanation of triglycerides (5 pts) and cholesterol (5 pts)
  • Explanation of HDL (5 pts) and LDL (5 pts)
  • Correct identification of where cholesterol is produced (5 pts)
Cholesterol treatment
  • Identifies causes of high cholesterol (5 pts)
  • Medication benefits (5 pts), risks (5 pts) and treatment options (5 pts) thoroughly discussed
  • Treatment options without medication are presented (5 pts)
Patient communication
  • Advice to calm patient fears (7 pts)
  • Recommendations fully presented (7 pts)
  • Encouragement of lifestyle changes (7 pts)
Organization Organization, logic, details Specific supporting details included demonstrating clear understanding of target concepts 5
Writing Mechanics Spelling/ Grammar Free of any spelling/grammatical/ word choice errors 3
Length Requirement Length requirement met (3-4 pages) 3
APA style references Follows APA style for parenthetical/in-text citations and reference page. 3
APA format Body of paper follows APA formatting guidelines including title page, spacing, font size, paragraph style and margins 3

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