Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Which of the following statements about the Domain Bacteria is TRUE?A) Bacteria are able to increase their genetic variability by reproducing sexually.B) Bacteria are multicellular microbes.C) Chloroplasts are found in photosynthetic bacteria.D) Bacteria lack membrane-bound organelles.E) Bacterial endospores are fragile structures that are easily destroyed.

2) In bacteria, the small, circular pieces of DNA that are located outside the chromosome are calledA) flagella.B) bacteriophages.C) sex pili.D) plasmids.E) endospores.

3) The mutations that improve the survival and reproduction of organisms, and thus contribute tothe evolution of species, arise rapidly in prokaryotes due to theirA) rapid rates of cell division.B) anaerobic metabolism.C) sexual reproduction.D) cell wall composition.E) absence of a nucleus.

4) The use of bacteria to break down pollutants is referred to asA) nitrogen-fixation.B) binary fission.C) biofixation.D) bioremediation.E) biosynthesis.

5) Disease-causing bacteria are calledA) Archaea.B) cyanobacteria.C) pathogens.D) protozoa.E) viroids.

6) Which Protist causes a sexually transmitted disease?A) TrichomonasB) TrypanosomaC) GiardiaD) PlasmodiumE) Pfiesteria

7) Which of the following is FALSE?A) Viruses are smaller than bacteria.B) Viruses are not living organisms.C) Antibiotics cannot prevent or treat viral diseases.D) The genetic material of viruses is not contained in a nucleus.E) Viruses are classified in the domain Archaea.

8) A virus basically consists ofA) RNA or DNA and a membrane.B) enzymes and a protein coat.C) RNA or DNA and enzymes.D) RNA or DNA and a protein coat.E) proteins and a cell membrane.

9) ViroidsA) attack bacteria.B) are infectious pieces of DNA enclosed in a protein coat.C) are infectious chains of amino acids.D) are infectious pieces of RNA.E) have a plasma membrane.

10) Are viruses alive or are they just biologically active chemicals? Explain your reasoning.


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