Civil Liability Discussion Questions

I need two of them today and one tomorrow. The organization I would like focused on is airport security and if you can get specific information on O’Hare or Midway airport that would be great.
  • How would you define civil liability? Does your organization (airport security; O’Hare airport preferably) operate under this type of liability? If so, how do they operate? If your organization does not, how could it be introduced to your organization? (300 words) Need Tonight
  • What policies does your organization (airport security; O’Hare airport preferably) have in place related to employee safety and security? Do you feel the policies are beneficial for employees? Why or why not? What safety and security obligations are needed that have not been addressed by your organization? (400 words) Need Tonight

  • What risks are associated with civil liability as it applies to your organization (airport security)? Compare these risks to those associated with crime, justice, and security organizations.  (300 words) Due Tomorrow 

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