Collaboration versus Working Alone

Drawing on your readings and reviewing the Riverbend City Nonprofit Management mission, consider the options available to the Fuerza y Unidad nonprofit organization and offer a proposal for a collaborative arrangement as a recommendation to the Fuerza y Unidad Board of Directors. Consider in particular the applicability of five principles of community collaboration (Adapted from Wolf (2010), The Power of Collaborative Solutions, pp. 40–41) to the Fuerza y Unidad circumstances in Riverbend City. Note that while we may refer to “community” collaboration organizations in Riverbend City, the local government as well as community organizations may be considered in your proposal.

  1. Promote collaboration as an exchange between partners.
  2. Secure the participation of those most directly affected by decisions with attention given to community diversity.
  3. Promote democratic decision-making and community empowerment.
  4. Emphasize community strengths.
  5. Develop a common vision and promote action based on that vision.

Create a collaboration proposal that rationalizes the possible collaboration in terms of theories and principles, potential for advancing social justice between sectors, and how missions are enhanced or undermined.

Your proposal may take any form, but be sure to include references as appropriate.

Submit your proposal paper in the assignment area.


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