Community Assessment, Diagnosis, and Planning Project

Instructions for Community Assessment, Diagnosis, and Planning Project:
Part 1: Windshield Survey
Component: Windshield Survey – Boundaries
Directions: Describe physical boundaries: Highways, railroad tracks, natural bodies of water or
mountains etc. that mark the boundaries. Locate your community on a Google map and compare
to your findings. Are the boundaries as evident as the physical boundaries observed?
Assessment (Complete on Template) Analysis (Complete on Template)
Component: Physical Characteristics
Community Existence: How long has the community been in existence?
Demographic Data: People: What type of people do you see? For example, young, old, homeless,
families, or loners. How do you feel in the community, welcome?
How does the community look? What condition are the homes in? Are the windows covered with bars
for protection or surrounded by fences? What is the age and architecture of the houses and buildings?
Are the lawns cared for or is there landscaping? Do you see trash or abandoned cars and houses?
Open Space: Is there space around the houses? How is it used? Is the space residential or commercial,
public or private? Are there lots or lawns? What type of green space is within the community? Is this
an established neighborhood/community, new subdivision, apartment buildings, vacant buildings,
or how old is the community?


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