Company reflections

The report should be double spaced, about 15 pages long.

A. The first part of the report:

Brief Reflection on all the Companies/Industries in China (industry they are in, challenges, Competition, financial issues, supplies chain issues):

The companies in order were: (no more than page and a half each)

1.  Benchmark Electronics Co., Suzhou, China:

2.  Knowles Microphone factory in China:

3.  Parker Manufacturing in China:

4.  Shanghai Deep Sea Port

5.  ZTE Corporation Shenzhen, china

6.  NCAB Shenzhen, china

7.  Huawei Shenzhen, china

8.  Hong Kong Technology and Science Park

B. The second part of the report:

·  Pick a company from the above and further discuss:

·  Their position in the electronics/telecommunication supply chain, relationship with their suppliers/buyers.

·  Global markets they are in product development efforts, intellectual property issues, innovation (R&D efforts)


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