Compare the benefits and disadvantages

  1. Compare the benefits and disadvantages of pre- vs. post-merger notification.
  2. What is Market Power and how is it generally determined (response should focus on general principles, not on any one jurisdiction).
  3. Give arguments for and against using market share as a) indicative and b) determinative of dominance. (
  4. Find one example online of an abuse of dominance investigated by the European Commission (describe the EC’s view of the dominant company, relevant market, the abusive conduct and the effect and provide a link to the case description) and give an example of similar behaviour in Cambodia (no need to establish dominance in Cambodia just describe your impression of the market and the conduct – no links required).
  5. List the commonly accepted types of “hard-core” cartels and identify a key difference in Cambodia’s draft law from this list.
  6. Starbucks wants to buy Burger King in Cambodia.  Describe the competitive implications of that transaction in the relevant market(s) (no research required – this is a test of your reasoning about market definition and analysis of competitive market factors).

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