complete one page project management task devry

After reviewing the Week 3 Lesson Video for Getta Byte Software, write and submit a one- to two-page paper on what Ima Payne, the project manager at Getta Byte Software, put together for her preliminary project schedule. Address the following questions.

  • What types of information have we learned about the Getta Bill project by reviewing the project schedule and all the information used to generate it?
  • If Ima made the decision to try to use the Agile Methodology for the Getta Bill project, what should she do?
  • How could the WBS help the next step to plan using Agile?


Getta Byte Software

The WBS and Schedule

Time to create a WBS for the the billing project.

What are the major tasks?

We decided to purchase BillRite software.

I know the milestones.

  • Finalize requirements
  • Purchase software
  • Customize software
  • Transfer data to cloud
  • Train personnel
  • Go live

I need to add detail or subtasks.

Finalize Requirements

  • Gather requirements from users.
  • Gather requirements from customers.

Purchase Software

  • Select vendor.
  • Negotiate contract.
  • Execute purchase.

Customize Software

  • Define features.
  • Set up test environment.
  • Develop customization.
  • Test customization.

Transfer data to cloud

  • Validate data.
  • Map fields.
  • Transfer data.

Train Personnel

  • Develop training with vendor.
  • Schedule training for CSRs.
  • Conduct training.

Go Live

  • Release system into production.

Well! Let’s see what that looks like in a schedule.

Getta Byte Schedule

Wow! We have to get started so we can make the September 1 deadline.

Getta Byte Software

The End


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